Become the Superhero you wish to see in the world…

Enter the pages of a comic book in the Way of a Hero (WoaH)— a Superhero Tabletop RPG where players do ‘whatever it takes to save the world from darkness.’ Choose from a wide variety of different superpowers to protect the innocent and apprehend evil villains. Use your powers creatively and in conjunction with the other heroes in your party.

The rules are friendly for both new and returning tabletop players, and the game system focuses on the story itself first. Using a modified Powered by the Apocalypse (Two Six-Sided Die), the game environment comes alive with unlimited possibilities – your imagination being the only limitation of the awesome feats your hero can accomplish.

Published in 2022, the Way of a Hero was successfully funded on Kickstarter! The project included a GM’d gaming weekend, digital and print copies of the rulebook, background music, and more.

WoaH: It’s Digital

April 28-30

We try to run regular games for the public where you can engage in a variety of different episodes. From mysteries to exploration. Weekends include:

  • A custom created hero with ties, motivation, and incredible powers. Or reprise your previous hero!
  • Roughly 16 hours of professionally gamemastered playing time, leading you through epic adventures.
  • Early access to some of the game mechanics, superpowers, etc.
  • Small super hero teams (6 heroes or less) per team.
  • A community of passionate people who play and think like you! Check out our Discord server here.

There are two ticketing options:

Tickets run $100 for the whole weekend ticket. This event runs with content on Friday (evening), Saturday (all-day), and Sunday afternoon for a total of 4 missions.

Tickets run $35 for a single mission ticket. This can be any of the 4 missions that are running during the weekend from any of the GMs. Note: If you have not completed a ‘licensing’ module, you will be considered a Hero-in-training.

About Us

The Way of a Hero is a rulebook and setting created by the team (consisting of numerous contributors with decades of experience in a variety of RPG systems).

Designed for 3-5 players with a GM (Game Master), the Way of a Hero is a comic book themed, tabletop RPG setting designed around flexibility. Though the rulebook will provide thorough rules and abilities, GMs and Players are encouraged to use them as a guidelines and create the stories they wish to tell.

Pages of the Rulebook Come Alive

See What People Are Saying About the HERO Experience:

What are some of your top moments from gameplay?

“Smashing the door in the middle of Neon Rose’s office and making her cry. Smashing the dude to smithereens in the cave under Seattle. When Deuce asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Bwahahahahahaaaaa. ***I’ve discovered a violent smashiness component I didn’t know I had!”
– Dr. JodyLee Estrada Duek

“When I planted the crystal in the last desperate moment. Hanging out in the HavoKafe was also fun. So was spending a heroic moment to slam one guard into two others using my flight power. And when Protozoa admitted that he had misjudged the usefulness of my destiny power at the Ren faire. Talking with Azure Astro about our shared background was also a lot of fun.”
– Martin Marco

What did you think about general gameplay?

“I just want to say it was the best time of my life and I met a lot of awesome folks including Havoc and Protozoa – who are super amazing. A big shout out to all who put this on, Tara. Julie, Terry, and Cory for helping out during the game. I even met some new lifetime friends and gained awesome memories. A super experience. I’m sad that its over and wish it was longer! Can’t wait until the next one.”
– Sarah Lowman

“I noticed that each game not only had a different plot and themes, but also had a different way for me to explore my character and their personal themes. With Alexandra’s plots, I got to explore my character’s ancient enmity and find connections with other members with powers derived from the Aurelian Empire, as well as to look to my character’s future and goals. With Julie’s plot, I got to relax a bit more and explore a different kind of heroism on a local scale and explore more humor. I also got to play up being an alien in a different culture. With my brief entry into Terry’s plot, I got to focus on how best to help others as my character felt driven to do, especially through a more supportive role. I did notice that Alexandra’s games had layers of goals to accomplish along with some twists that required working together and keeping going despite setbacks. Julie’s game was pretty straight forward but also investigative and required thinking outside the box. And Terry’s game focused on some tough moral/ethical choices.”
– Martin Marco